Personal Finance

Toward Financial Freedom

  • Only I can’t grasp how to manage money. If possible I would announce through a megaphone that several individuals didn’t receive the money memorandum. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Current statistics report that relatively seventy percent of people live paycheck to paycheck. With this percentage, it is reasonable to assume these individuals do not have savings. They also have a considerable amount of indebtedness. Another report I read from Learn Vest, stated seventy-six percent of people feel that their personal finances are out of hand. Basically, three quarters of people feel their personal finances are uncontrollable and that they do not know how to make their money work for them. If you are in this group, reading this should decrease your isolated feelings. Actually, the majority of people right now don’t understand money.
  • I feel confused, guilty and humiliated because I don’t know about money. This is indeed a subdivision of number one and it causes people to feel that they are some how lacking because they don’t know how to manage money well. My perspective is how can you know how to manage money if you were not taught? Correct money management skills are not part of our school’s curriculum. It is an integral problem that most individuals do not understand how to manage their personal finances. I learned proper money management in college. School was where I realized that my parents educating me about money was not the general rule. I advise people to release the shame because they didn’t acquire the information on how to manage money. After this recognition, request help to learn how to premeditate and initiate a can-do attitude with your cash flow. Stop the guilt and confusion and proceed with kindness toward yourself and your past financial actions.
  • Managing My Personal Finances is very hard and takes a lot of time. Most of my clients’ focal point is their work, family and living well. These are great goals but they leave restricted amount of time to manage their money. They are in need of a fast centralized process that they can integrate easily in their swift moving lifestyles. The disappointing concern is adults outlook, which is that they feel they earn an acceptable salary and money management is hard. It is hard and takes lots of time. This idea has become adequate. It is time to consider how wonderful we want this aspect of our lives. Taking the initiative to know where you are financially and where you want to be is empowering. It enables you to organize a structure to joyously use the money on what they really want while saving and decreasing their debt. I guarantee money management can be easy and efficient as long as you actively do the work. It is important that you proactively create a stable financial plan then implement it.