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Tips for choosing the right escape room

Escape games have become extremely popular worldwide in the last decade and almost all large cities in North America have multiple escape rooms. Edmonton and Calgary are some of the largest cities in Canada and they have a large number of escape rooms on the So, though the Escape Hour escape rooms are rated as the top escape rooms in the city by Trip Advisor, the travel rating website, many people who will be playing the escape game for the first time, would like to find out the factors which should be considered while evaluating the different escape rooms.

Usually, most groups who are planning to play the escape game in Edmonton do not have the time to personally visit the escape room. They will usually check the website of the escape rooms, for information about the company and then make a decision. The website will usually contain a description of the escape game, the main theme of each escape room. It will also mention the decor of the room, whether the room is decorated to match the theme of the game, or it is not. It better to choose a room that is specially designed for the theme, to make it an immersive experience for the player. The locker room should not have padlocks, so players can exit whenever they wish, especially during emergencies.

Another factor while choosing a quest room is the popularity of the escape room, reviews of customers who have used the facility. While Trip Advisor is widely considered the most popular website, for rating various entertainment facilities in Edmonton, other websites like Yelp should also be considered. Usually, the number of reviews for a particular escape room is an indication of the popularity of the escape room, since the more popular escape rooms have more reviews. It is also advisable to check the more recent reviews, since there may be improvements or problems in the last few months.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, safety is an important consideration for groups who are planning to play escape games. It is advisable to check the precautions taken to prevent infections or other health problems. Escape Hour is disinfecting and sanitizing the escape room after each game is played to prevent infection. Social distancing norms are followed strictly at the escape room, during interaction with the game master. All the staff at Escape Hour are wearing face masks, and players in the group should also wear face masks.