Personal Finance

Steps of Money Anxiety

  • Feelings of shame and blame because you do not have proficient money management skills. Many adults feel they are supposed to know money management automatically, and this is a mentally harmful thought. Replace this internal conversation by showing compassion for yourself for all the money errors you have made in the past. Choosing to become proactive in your money decisions instead of feeling the anxiety over money is a positive move in learning new skills to improve your personal finances. It will surprise you to see that one action at a time improves your money management skills and makes you feel self-assured.
  • You feel isolated. I want to remove the idea that you are the only person that doesn’t know how to manage money successfully. There are approximately seventy percent of adults that are making it paycheck to paycheck. Seventy-six percent of individuals feel that their personal finances are uncontrollable. This information is provided by current research data. If you experience these feelings, it means that you are part of society’s majority. Money anxiety makes you feel disappointed and fearful. It is time to give yourself a break.
  • You don’t have a point of reference. I am resisting my tendency to preach on this point specifically because this article would become a lecture. Acknowledging the fact that personal finances and money management skills are not part of our educational system’s curriculum nor is it passed on to the next generations. From this confirmation, I ask the question of how is it possible for you to know to manage your personal finances well since you were not given this information. Acknowledging this truth that money management skills are not consistently taught this creates a significant obstacle to overcome in order to reach financial independence. I assure you that proficient money management skills are teachable in an orderly process.