Personal Finance

Save Money on Your Energy Bill

Check Your Tariff

How much you will pay on your energy bill will depend on not just your usage; the energy company tariff you are on pays a large part in what you pay out. It is important to consider the following:

  • Are you on a fixed price tariff? Very popular, the fixed price tariff locks in the price of you gas and electricity until a set time which means that you only pay the unit price you agree at the beginning of the term, regardless of how energy prices rise elsewhere.
  • Have you checked to see if another company will charge you less? Using a comparison site┬áto check what the best deal is will save you a fortune in the long run.
  • Have you opted for paperless billing and duel fuel? There are many discounts available for those who go green and scrap their money bills and statements through the post as there also is for those who chose to have their gas and electricity together with one company.

Reduce Your Usage

You pay for what you use therefore making changes around your home will save you money on your monthly or quarterly bill. Make sure that you switch lights off in rooms where they aren’t being used. Use draught excluders and keyhole covers to keep the cold out and reduce heating loss. Turn the heating down just a degree or so and drop your usage without feeling any real drop in temperature. Don’t leave electrical items on standby either as this uses as much energy as it would if they were fully switched on.