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Read Goal Directional Signs


You have been guilty of procrastinating on the steps in your goal plan. You write to-do lists for all your unfinished tasks, but never seem to get around to carrying them out. You keep resetting the timeline on your goal end date, making excuses why you have not moved further along.

The ‘No Parking’ sign admonishes you for wasting precious time when you should be working on your objectives. Stop deceiving yourself; your laziness is only going to kill your dreams. Revive yourself from your stupor, rev up your engine, and restart your journey immediately.


You have been travelling easily along a straight road, as the first steps in your action plan were simple and uncomplicated. However, you have reached a new point in your journey where you need to make a big decision that could determine the ultimate failure or success of your plans.

The ‘Intersection Ahead’ sign indicates that you need to take some time to make prudent choices about your next actions. You may need to seek guidance from expert sources, or carry out additional research to obtain all the information required to decide which way to turn.


You have been racing along your journey, revelling in the initial victories from your efforts. You are getting a little overconfident, boasting to everyone how easy it will be to attain your objectives. Your arrogance is leading you to make poor decisions that could potentially wreck your plans.

The ‘Reduce Speed’ sign warns you that haste makes waste when you are working on long-term goals, as there are no shortcuts to success. There are major pitfalls ahead, which your excessive speed and inexperience will prevent you from seeing. Proceed with caution in all your actions.


You have been comfortably driving a big, smooth highway, but you’re not on the most effective route to arrive at your destination. You don’t want to leave your comfort zone to traverse a road that is unknown to you, so you prefer to continue in your current direction.

The ‘Detour’ sign informs you that you need to take a different course if you eventually want to reach your objective. You have to be courageous enough to experience unfamiliar new pathways, and be willing to learn and grow from any challenges that may come your way.


Your route has taken you to a stretch of roadway that is filled with hidden dangers. Although the passage seems clear, at any point in time a major risk could appear which could severely derail your progress or even put an end to your entire journey.

The ‘Look Out for Falling Rocks’ sign alerts you to be on the lookout for probable hazards that are common to the goals that you are pursuing. You need to implement risk- mitigation strategies that will help you to avoid or recover from a negative event that comes with the territory.