Other Cost of Debt

Perhaps enticed by these products, you spurge left and right, swiping your credit cards as though there is no tomorrow. Remember the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic? Sometime, people tend to be guilty about it. However, the reality is that our life is not a movie that someone must direct us what to do to make it a happy ending.

More than the financial costs of debt, there is one factor that is detrimental if left unheeded and unsolved. This may cost more than your wealth simply because nobody can buy it. When you lost a thing, you say, “it’s just a thing, I still can buy it.” But when the emotion is involved, it’s something that is serious and it needs careful attention.

When you are unable to pay your debts on time due to financial scarcity and whatnot, it leaves you feel desperate and not in control of your life. It’s like someone is controlling you. The worst thing to happen is to deprive yourself of the things that could make you stay healthy and happy. This can eventually lead to loss of confidence and, to some extent, this has an abysmal effect to one’s sense of self.

The emotional consequences of debts can also affect the people around you. It can harm your relationships with your family, friends and loved ones just like a lot of failed marriages are rooted in money problems. While somehow it has an advantage to your work performance as it would push you to do more, to perform more, which apparently beneficial to your employer, there should be a long term solution to your debt problems.

In the midst of all these negativities, debt should not only be construed as bad, useless, detrimental and whatnot. Debt is good as long as you know how to use it and how you handle it. Debt exists to fill in the scarcity for the mean time. However, a careful planning must be in place before anything else.