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Greater Limits for the Perfect Writing Plans

Once you have your problem and you have advanced on your research, you can make the plan. Depending on the institution in which you study, you will receive instructions on the type of plan to set up. Argumentary dissertation plan, explanatory essay plan, narrative dissertation plan, there are many possibilities.

The plan is the simplest part, we ask them to devote the first part to a review of the literature, the second part is dedicated to the field, and the third part consists of recommendations. Then you have to make a conclusion with an opening. The simplest plans are the most effective.

To compose your plan, do not hesitate to leaf through the memoirs written by former students of your class. You will give ideas and you will realize what can (or not) be done.

And if you are more of a “visual” type, you can also build the skeleton of your memory using visual plans, using the mind mapping technique. It will allow you to organize your ideas well. In particular, you can use it to cross out the written parts and report on your progress. Now that there is no chance for fraud  you can actually come up with the best deals.

Perform fieldwork

Most of the time, when you carry out a research dissertation, you will have to do a “field” part in order to have quantitative data to exploit. This part is also often called the “empirical part” of the memoir.

We have to think carefully about its methodology so that the field on which we are going to be well representative of the various points of view on the subject, specifies the expert. Students may have a tendency to go into an area and think that it necessarily happens everywhere. We tell them that they must cross their research: in different sectors, in different companies, with executives, employees, and managers. The method must be representative of the different trends.

This will allow you to verify the hypotheses you have made. By carrying out this empirical part, you will be able to make field observations and thus have a more in-depth analysis of your subject.

For the sample of people to be interviewed, everything depends on the mother population. If you interview 500 people and your study covers the entire earth, the bias will be large. With the quota method, we can have a representative sample. We recommend smoothing out a certain number of results, considering that they should not be taken literally. Students must always be careful and aware of all of this. They must not always draw generalities, they must specify the limits of their sample, show that they are aware of it.

Then comes the writing part

You have your problem, your plan, your hypotheses, your documentary research, and your fieldwork are over. You just have to articulate everything and write your memoir.