Federal Debt

Not any more though. In recent years this has certainly not been the case. Less money coming in every year with more going out has put us in a position where the United States debt is so high there are some who wonder if we will ever come out of it. This has also resulted in some of the worst infighting in recent memory among members of both political parties in Washington. According to them, it is the other party’s fault for the growing federal debt.

And if you listen to the “experts” there are as many different viewpoints as there are people in the know. Some think that there are ways out of our national debt mess, even though it may take a number of years. While some think that the United States’ role as the leader of the world may be coming to an end. For the most part though, most of the financial gurus fall somewhere in the middle when analyzing and forecasting the federal debt situation.

One thing is for sure. In order to straighten out this serious mess that is the federal debt or we can say Government debt, it is going to require cooperation between both political parties. They are going to have to come together for the good of the American people, as well as the financial stability of our nation and find solutions that are going to work and whittle down this quickly growing USA debt. If they don’t then the nation can just expect more of the same old same old.

If there is one place where there is a general consensus, it is in the area of defense spending. The long drawn out wars in Afghanistan and Iraq along with massive military and defense expenditures has really put a strain on the nation’s coffers. There is now way a solution will be found for the federal debt crisis without decreasing the massive amounts of money going toward defense.