Personal Finance

Economize Your Life

  1. Do you leave a lot of lights on in rooms that are not occupied? You can use high efficiency bulbs in rooms that get a lot of long-term use so the bill won’t be so high. Look around at your local hardware store and ask questions for the best results
  2. Do you shop at stores that are very high-priced? We have Kroger in our area that have great specials, give you gas points to help you save on fuel, and the staff is very helpful. Maybe you have one of these in your area, but if not search for a store that has a gas station too, and gives you points like this. Every hundred points equals ten cents off your next fuel purchase. You can only use this once a month, but in the course of a prior month you can save 40 cents or more on one fill-up, depending on how many groceries you buy. Try to time your fill-up so that you can get the price that is lowest when you do it, then you save extra with the points also. When you see specials at a store that is high in price otherwise, stick to just the specials and then leave instead of buying higher-priced items you still need.
  3. Do you look for outdated merchandise in an area of the stores you shop at? I have saved on cat and dog food, all kinds of food items we need anyway, and also on taxable items that we use a lot. I make a point to do this area of the store as soon as I get there. Sometimes there are carts with merchandise located around the store that you save on also. Try to stick with items that you actually need, not others or your bill will go very high. It is easy to be impulsive when you find good deals but stick with what you and your family really need and it will conserve your money for what is really essential.
  4. Group your errands to a certain area each day so you are not going across town or whatever unnecessarily. Like if you have to take the kids somewhere, go to a store near where you are taking them and get what you actually need.
  5. Subscribe to just the Sunday paper if you can. Our subscription is about six dollars a month, so it saves us at least two dollars a month. The coupons inside will more than pay you back for the subscription price. Be diligent about how you do the coupons. Go through them often to weed out expired ones. Perhaps go online or to a coupon seminar that teaches you how to use coupons more effectively. You still have to watch that what you buy with the coupons is not higher than the store brand product, so take a calculator with you if you can.