Personal Finance

Benefits of Independent Investment Advisors

Understand exactly what you are paying

Independent RIAs charge a fee based on a percentage of total assets managed. This fee structure has many advantages. It’s simple, transparent and easy to understand, helping to avoid surprises. It also gives your advisor an incentive to grow your assets-when you succeed, your advisor succeeds.

Advice for your complex needs

Independent RIAs provide services that address a variety of complex investment needs that often arise when you accumulate wealth, such as assisting you with the sale of a business, complicated tax situations, trusts and intergenerational issues. They can also help you prepare for future goals including college funding, debt management, and retirement planning. They should be your point of contact for every financial issue that may come up.

You won’t be sold a “Product”

An Independant RIA is not paid on commission. This means they will not push loaded mutual funds, non-public REITS, whole life, variable annuities, or other hard to understand products (which historically have high commission rates for the brokers who sell them). This means you are receiving objective advice with out any conflicts of interest.

Enjoy a different kind of relationship

The goal of an RIA is to help find solutions that are closely aligned with client needs and objectives, and many independent RIAs enjoy a deep, personal relationship with their clients through regular, ongoing interaction.