Tricks for Debt Collectors

Key Guidelines for Debt Collectors

Once you decide to pursue a debt owed, you must follow certain rules and guidelines to ensure a legal and safe attempt at collecting the debt from the debtor. To begin with, you must treat debtors with respect and in a fair manner. When contacting them, you must have a valid reason to do so and it is a good idea to avoid constant calling, which can be turned around into harassment.

Use calls for

  • Providing information about the account to the debtor
  • Establishing repayment arrangements
  • Offering a settlement or special repayment plan
  • Reviewing an existing payment arrangement status
  • Etc.

Do not use calls for

  • Embarrassment around other parties or people
  • To scare the debtor with aggressive conversation
  • To annoy the debtor and wear them out

Things to Avoid

It is very important that you do not create letters or make verbal conversation that can be misleading or impersonated. In other words, you cannot pretend to be someone you are not or a company that you are not with. Don’t pretend that you are part of another major organization in order to scare the consumer. You also cannot tell them you will do something that you won’t or may not do. For instance, don’t tell them that you will transfer the account to a high level authority or that you will seek repossession of their home. In addition, you definitely cannot threaten to do things that you cannot or will not do, such as take all their possessions and have the police arrest them.