Personal Finance

Saving Money at Work

  • CLOTHING . Whatever type of clothes you wear to work – casual, formal, or something in between, you can find them used in great condition for very little money at thrift stores. But one thrift store may not sell everything you need to wear. Also, not every thrift store will have your size. So, visit several of them to buy those clothes.
  • COFFEE, I don’t think any employee can go through the workday without drinking at least one cup of coffee. But, if you are a coffee connoisseur, you probably can’t resist buying your morning cup of Joe from Starbucks. Don’t go to Starbucks every day, or any other coffee shop that competes with Starbucks. The smallest cup of regular coffee there costs roughly $1.50. If your tastes lean towards gourmet you could spend up to $3 more per cup. You could spend between $7.50- $30.00 for one cup of coffee every day per week. That would increase your spending from $375 to $1,500 in one year. So, bring your own large jar or jug of coffee to work. A 48-ounce jug of Folger’s coffee grounds costs about $16.50 at Office Depot. This amounts to about $.03 per cup. Of course, if there is coffee at work, drink it since it’s free.
    Restaurant meals are expensive, with few exceptions. On average, restaurants cost $7.00 at the very least. According to the Aug. 29, 2012 issue of Time magazine, business columnist Dan Kadlec states a worker can save $2,500 per year by taking their lunch to work every day. So, bring your own lunch to work so you won’t spend so much money at a restaurant.
    Buy most or all of your office needs at the beginning of the school year. I recommend “school supplies,” because many items used by kids in grade school, high school and college are the same ones you use at work. Paper, pencils, pens, notebooks, sticky notes, calculators and other supplies are drastically marked down for kids who go back to school in the Fall. Megastores like Kmart or Walmart sell plenty of school supplies at very cheap prices. You might also want to make a trip to your local Office Depot or Staples where you can find more office-specific supplies for minimal prices.