Get Debt Free by Writing Online

Search engines judge a website based mostly on its content, and the content of those linking in. Audiences are built on the strength of that content, and expect to get regular updates with more fresh and useful articles, blog posts or newsletters. This has made many businesses unable or unwilling to cope, and as such they need others to write high quality content in plain English for them.

You can approach those businesses directly, but if you are starting up your best option is using third party websites that act as a middleman, guarantee payment and protect both buyers and sellers from unscrupulous scammers. If you are looking to write in English sites such as oDesk or Elance offer projects, Fiverr allows you to place an article writing gig paying you $4 and Textbroker has a steady stream of requests directly from website owners at varying prices depending on your writing skills.

If you want to get rid of your debt, you’ll need to come up with a plan. Decide how many articles you can write during your week. Maybe you can wake up one hour early every day, and fit two articles on that time that you can edit and submit at lunchtime. Or maybe instead of watching TV during the evening you can research and write articles for your clients. The key to this is being regular and making it part of your daily routine. If you manage to write 4 articles a day, at $15 each, that’s about $1200 a month. After taxes it would be a nice dent on your credit card debt, wouldn’t it?

Everybody can write, but not all writers are paid the same or enjoy the same levels of demand. If you have specialist skills on a particular area, from nursing to business management or computer programming, make sure to write your profile in a way that showcases that experience. Building up a portfolio of grammatically perfect work and satisfied customer reviews will help you catch the attention of higher paying customers, reducing the amount of articles you need to write in order to get rid of your debt and giving you access to more interesting projects.