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July 2019

Paying the Rent Online

Improved customer service

Instead of collecting rent personally and processing the check payments, they can have more time to focus on their marketing efforts and improve their relations with tenants. This is a way of improving their relationship with the customers, and also a way of providing them with better services.

Controlled management costs

Collecting rent online reduces the expenses related to managing properties. A landlord will be able to reduce operational costs and maintain a low property management fee. This will benefit many property owners.

Decreased number of past due accounts

There are different online payment options, such as PayPal, credit card and eCheck, so there will be a significant reduction in terms of late payments. In addition, tenants get reminders via text or email when the rent is due or fast approaching, prompting an immediate payment, if the system is in an optimized mobile device.

Faster dispute resolution and audit track

Rent that is paid online has digital paper trails. So, when a tenant claims that he paid online, the property owner can confirm or refute the claim by accessing the system. The fully integrated software for property management will allow owners to view the late charges, update the owner system and track split payments automatically.

It is safer for them to process rent payments and owner disbursements since personal details are not compromised. Their accountants can get a snapshot of tenants that have paid to enable well-informed financial resolutions.

It is Easy to Stay Organized

When money goes from one hand to another, a higher degree of organization is needed. When more tenants and properties are involved, there is a higher probability of committing errors.

Even when managing one or two properties, collection of rent checks on a monthly basis involves communication and organization to make sure that the payment is received in a well-timed manner. Errors, however small they are, could be disastrous when they are caused by arguments wherein the landlord and tenant insist that they are the wronged party.

Added security

Online rent payment eliminates the risks that come with cash payments. Furthermore, the insurance company will most likely lower coverage when there is less cash on-site.

Check Your Debt Using Your Smartphone

From an entertainment point of view, the Smartphone, in comparison to its predecessor — the third generation mobile phone, offers a lot more value in that the battery power is much better, the device is more fun to operate, it has a bigger screen, it has greater processing power and it very closely resembles what could be a full-featured personal computer.

People watch movies on their Smartphones, they store their entire music collections on their smart phones and even shoot amateur videos themselves, amongst a long list of other things.

For all its entertainment value though, the power packed in the Smartphone can be used for more constructive operations, such as how to check your debt.

The amazing world of Smartphone applications (apps) has opened up a whole new world of possibilities, simply because most apps stores are filled with apps that were developed by an open community of developers.

This model of opening up the door to third-party developers is single handedly responsible for the millions and millions of apps available to consumers all over the world, as community, third-party developers usually develop apps to fill a specific need, one which they might have had themselves, so you can almost be sure of their effectiveness.

Obviously some apps are more useful than others, but if you look under the “personal organization”, “business” or “finance” categories, you can find some of the most useful Smartphone apps, including tools with which you can check your debt easily.

Because of the design environments’ architectural make up, almost all the apps you find in dedicated apps stores are tweaked and suited for peak performance on your Smartphone, offering secure data transfer protocols, so you can be sure that your user experience is a good one.

Generally though, third-party developers’ apps, even those which you can use to check your debt with, are developed with a general idea in mind and can only function as general tools.

If you want something a bit more specific, you should go for Smartphone apps that are developed by the financial institutions themselves, as this will allow easy access to your official debt records.

If you have credit with your specific bank, for example, rather use a debt-checking app developed by that bank, instead of one developed for general debt checking use, that way you can be sure of the security of your information and you will never get frustrated with features that don’t quite do what you want them to do.

Third-party apps, developed more with a general view in mind, are usually great for the synchronization of your debt checking environment.

One third-party app would be great to collect all the data from all the other debt-checking apps, developed by the financial institutions of your official creditors, and put them all in one place, with added features such as tallying everything up and reports displaying in the form of charts and the like.

It’s easy to check your debt using your Smartphone — just get the right apps.

About Gold Prices

The balance of trade – The deficit is increasing

One reason for the continued increase in the price of gold is the growing deficit in the balance of trade with countries like the US. The reason for this is the increased worth of imports, compared to exports. The imports have increased by 1.4%, whereas the exports grew up by just 0.4 percent.

The reduced production of gold

Another significant reason for the upward trends in the cost of gold is a reduction in the quantity of gold produced by countries like Australia, Philippines, China, Canada, South Africa and the United States. Since the present production fails to match the requirements of the market, the cost is going up in the rest of the countries.

Political and economical factors

Experts are of the opinion that political and economical events all over the world are also responsible for increasing the prices of gold. For instance, the price went up by nearly twenty-five percent in Asian markets during 2010-11 due to fluctuations in the international prices of oil. This had a negative effect on the exchange rates of currencies of different countries. This led to the storage of large volumes of gold by a number of countries. The action was in anticipation of political threats, and the associated insecurity caused by them.

Increased requirements of gold

In fact, a significant reason for the increasing price of the precious metal is the worldwide enhanced demand for this metal. Since the present production of gold is unable to match the requirements, its price is bound to go up. Due to the increasing demands, the existing price of the metal is almost fifty percent higher than what it was just a couple of years ago. It is also suggested by experts that the high demand for crude oil, resulting to its high price, is also adding to the price of gold. The increased revenue of countries producing oil is further adding to the ongoing phenomenon.

Options available for investing in gold are many

Many prefer buying gold coins as a form of investment, though many have a hobby of collecting gold coins. Many investors consider the collection of coins, not only for their inherent worth, but also for the joy they bring due to their exquisiteness. However, in case you are considering an investment in gold by way of coins, you need to ensure their authenticity. Likewise, many people invest in golden jewelry, which has historically proved to be an excellent asset. However, in the case of jewelry, you can’t be very sure if its selling at a future date will fetch you more than what you spent initially. The reason is the fact that the price of jewelry largely depends on its gold content, which varies. Investing in this metal in its physical form is considered the best option. However, you’ll need to store it securely in a bank, or deposit it using some company specializing in its storage.

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